Mission:1 Check-in

Mission:1 Check-in

How is  your food drive coming along? Many people brought there food in and put it in the front of the Sanctuary last Sunday. We expect there will be more this Sunday– bring it right up front and place it on the floor before worship. (Leave your name in the box or bag, as I am keeping track).

We got word that Stephanie Sena, the head of SREHUP, our new partner for the Shelter, got a 1000 can contribution! So that puts us way past our goal of 1,111. canned goods. But we will keep collecting. And put everything we are given to good use through the Saturday Food and Clothing Cupboard.

Please remember that you can donate any time and I’ll be counting cans until the end of the month to see how close we get to our goal of 1,111. A tally will be given to the congregation on Nov 13 and I’ll post again after Thanksgiving about our 2 month total!

If you are a friend from far away, you can donate through Amazon.com. They sell food and they don’t charge for shipping it!

Here’s an idea, sign up with: http://www.igive.com/Wellspring and use Amazon as your store of choice. A percentage of your food purchase will be donated to the Outreach Ministries AND you’ll be donating to our Mission:1 food collection! You can’t beat that.