Moving Forward on Capital Campaign Preparations — an Opportunity for Angels

Moving Forward on Capital Campaign Preparations — an Opportunity for Angels

With the Feasibility Study indicated that we are well-poised to undertake a Capital Campaign, the church leadership is now prepared for the next steps in our preparations for such a Campaign, to make a fuller explanation of the plans and goals, to draft a capital campaign ministry team, and develop a timeline available for the Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 26, 2014 after worship.

Among the preparations is the Feasibility Study itself, as well as a Buildings Conditions Assessment for which we are currently writing up a Project Description which we will then submit to the architects and enginerring firms recommended to us by the Partnership for Sacred Places. The Building Conditions Assessment, with its evaluation and prioritization and cost estimates for work to be done would be helpful even if the congregation voted not to proceed with a campaign at the meeting in January.

The costs of the Feasibility Study and Buildings Conditions Assessment will be approximately $15,000. The leadership hopes that this can be funded from “Angel Gifts” prior to the actual Capital Campaign and not come out of its receipts. If you would like to make a gift towards this expense, you can speak with Jonathan V. or the pastor.

If you want such a donation to count as part of your 2013 giving, please get your check to the church office or let Adam S., our Treasurer, our Gerry W., our Financial Secretary know before noon on Dec. 31.

Thanks for your help and generosity…