Moving Support for Increased Ed. Funding from Quiet Prayers in the Sanctuary to the Steps of the Capitol

Moving Support for Increased Ed. Funding from Quiet Prayers in the Sanctuary to the Steps of the Capitol

(I wrote the 60+ UCC colleagues I know personally in the Penn SE Conference, asking them to join us in this effort… and to invite their communities to join us too. And I wrote the others I knew in the Penn NE Conf. and the Penn Central Conf. I know. With all these invitations, I figure I need to share the invitation as fully with my own faith community. Or as Julie put fairly succinctly this past Sunday, “Get on the bus, people.”)

2 opportunities to make a difference. TAKE support for increased education funding (and a full, fair funding formula) from quiet prayers in our sanctuaries to loud people demanding change at the capitol in Harrisburg.

It was the number one issue in the past gubernatorial election, and still our politicians think they can underfund our schools? In our state, it’s the burning civil rights issue…

Just in time for the Budget season — when our legislators are hammering out a budget (and a whole bunch of deals).

1st opportunity: Saturday, June 20, 12 noon to 3 p.m.: a mass gatheing for “Faith in PA” —

~ a teach-in at Grace UMC/Harrisburg (right across from the capitol): how we can win a campaign for sufficient and fairly distributed ed. funding; AND

~ an ecumenical worship on the steps of the capitol: consecrating a tent for the people who will be camped out and fasting for 10 days…. and blessing all the actions we’re going to undertake to make loud and clear our demands for a moral takeover.

This is a “y’all come event;” we’re trying to turn out a big crowd to impress the legislators that their constituents are watching. And get media coverage! (Free buses will be running from Philly!)

Are there folks in your community who want to come, participate and add to number demanding ed. funding?

For more info., any help you need, or to let me know who will be there (feel free to forward this message), please hit me back.

2nd opportunity: Monday, June 22, all day, but major actions between 8 am and 4pm (you are welcome when you can join us) — the UCC is leading the first weekday’s effort and actions, making sure our politicians know:

~ we are there watching, and
~ what we are demanding.

Imagine marching through the halls singing “Joshua Fit de Battle” as we deliver messages to legislators, or something even more dramatic that the whole floor sees…

8 am: Opening Prayer Service at the Tent on Capitol Steps
8:15 to 9: Passing out flyers at the entrances to the Capitol
9 to 10: Orientation for the day’s visitors
10 to 11:30 Jericho march (with singing) to key legislative offices
12 noon to 1:30 pm: Prayer service and teach-in to which we’re invited the legislature
1:30 to 2:30 Rest break
2:30 to 3:30 Afternoon action (a bit harder to miss)
4 to 5 Closing reflection and evaluation of the day’s efforts

Join us, please! (And share our invitation widely and graciously).–june-30.html

For more information: contact me at this e-mail address or 215.990.7383. You can also contact Ray Edwards at