Music Director Search Update

Music Director Search Update

Church work — like life generally — sometimes takes us on paths we couldn’t have anticipated. But even when those paths are not entirely welcome, we often find that when we persevere in faith, somehow, we find a way we could not have foreseen. It’s as if we are moved forward in the right direction.

As you may have heard, the Music Director Search Committee had felt as recently as this past Sunday that it was very close to completing its work. They had selected a final candidate and by early in the week had successfully negotiated terms. They even had a start date set and had begun making plans with the candidate for the welcome and transition.

The candidate, however, had second thoughts and has midweek decided not to take the position. The reasons are personal, and not directly related to Old First or the position we offered.

We–the Search Committee members and church leaders who had gotten to know the candidate–are naturally disappointed. But we wish the candidate well, knowing that people need to do what only they can determine is what is right, even God’s call to them.

And we are certain that while we don’t yet know what God’s will is for our music program, that path will emerge soon. As I remind myself and others, “Sometimes, detours are the best way to get where you going, especially when they are the only way.”

The Search Committee has already made plans to regroup. At their upcoming meeting they will discern the next steps and share with the congregation how they are proceeding with their work. Expect an update on Sunday, Sept. 22.

Please thank them for their continuing work on our behalf. And continue to keep them in your prayers. If you have questions about the process, please contact me or Alice Reyes.