Music Shout Out

Music Shout Out

With the end of the choir season comes the opportunity to give thanks to all the people who make music at Old First such an eclectic and enriching experience.

First to Tim Kuntz – whose talent and willingness to play anything! From classical (“here’s an orchestral score, transcribed for the piano!”) to jazz to bluegrass to the Michael’s ubiquitous requests to “play something peppy” on the spur of the moment.. to anthem accompaniments designed to make the choir sound good while singing something relatively simple because the accompanist does the work. His help and leadership is such a gift. I am thinking of finally installing the zip line so that Tim can get from the organ to the piano.

To the choir, who put up with my quirky anthem selections and fondness for close harmonies and even dissonance (the good kind- not the accidental kind). I appreciate the faithful Thursday night rehearsal attendees- the rock upon whim the choir is founded, and those of you who run your parts at home when you can’t make it, and all of you who come together on Sunday mornings to make it (sometimes miraculously) work. “Look up!” (You’ll see how grateful I am!)

To the incredibly flexible instrumentalists who (no matter what their training – classical, folk, jazz, bluegrass) are willing to try just about anything and make it sound good! One of the greatest joys of being the music director at Old First is the shocking propensity of musicians to say “Yes.”

To all the folks willing to sing and play solos and in small groups over the summer and throughout the year and to the pianists who fill in when Tim’s on vacation – I thank you (and remind you that it’s not too late to sing up for summer music. I’ve got slots available. Call or email me. Please.)