Music Sunday Tradition Reimagined in the Time of Covid

Music Sunday Tradition Reimagined in the Time of Covid

Well, here we are a couple months into our new and interesting lifestyle of social distancing, mask wearing and maintaining balance as we “stay at home“ and try to stay healthy and keep the rest of our family and neighbors healthy as well, during this unprecedented time of the global pandemic that has turned our worlds upside down.

It has been quite the process to jump into a crash course on Zoom and using other apps to create music that sounds beautiful and meaningful in our one dimensional “Brady Bunch”-esque format every Sunday. But, I am proud of the work that so many of our singing musicians and instrumental musicians have been doing, including our organist, Bill, who continues to share the beauty of our wonderful organ we miss so much by going in and spending hours recording music for many of our Sunday worship services.

Usually at this time of year, we’re preparing for “Music Sunday“ to uplift and honor all of those who have shared their gifts of music to enhance our worship experience throughout the year.  

As the structure of the musical offerings is very different from what we’re used to, we would like to put a little more thought into what a “Music Sunday“ would look like in this new format. Therefore, we will be discerning that over the next couple of weeks and hope to have a date for that celebration in the very near future.  

In that vein, I would like to invite any choir members who would be interested in being part of that discussion to contact me as soon as possible to set up a mutually agreeable time to meet and begin the discussion. Please connect with me via email at

In the meantime, I wish to applaud our choir, our organist and all of our guest musicians for an incredible 2019-20 season of music, especially the incredible flexibility of so many of you who have jumped in to learn the new technology in order to enhance our music program during this challenging time.  

With continuing gratitude & love,