Music Ministry Team Wants to Hear from You…

Music Ministry Team Wants to Hear from You…

Keep your eyes open for the Music Survey– it should show up in your inbox this coming week!

The new Music Ministry Team (of the Worship & Spiritual Life Standing Leadership Team) invites your help in making our time in worship as meaningful as possible for all. The hymns and anthems sung during Sunday morning services are an integral part of our worship. We would very much like to identify how we can select hymns and music that are most meaningful to you.

Naturally, we cannot sing everyone’s favorite hymns or play everyone’s favorite type of music every week. We also need to keep learning new hymns; however, we want to make sure that we’re also using the familiar hymns that help connect you spiritually. If we can begin to gather this information, we can incorporate into our worship the music that you, the congregation, identify and find supportive.

We’ve been working hard on getting the survey just right– so it can effectively poll your musical interests and needs and collect the information that the Music Ministry Team needs.

Once the survey has been distributed electronically, there will also be hard copies available at church to be filled out and returned.

Thank you for considering this request prayerfully.


Alice Reyes, Griffin Drutchas, and Tim Kuntz
for the Music Ministry Team of the Worship & Spiritual Life Standing Leadership Group