My Recipe for Peace of Mind and a Joyful Heart

My Recipe for Peace of Mind and a Joyful Heart

The stewardship season is winding down, but it doesn’t really end. Stewardship is part of our spiritual development.

I recently had to redo my estate plan which I hadn’t reviewed for many years, and wasn’t looking forward to it. But, I am SO glad I did!

I had planned to leave my estate to my two younger brothers. They not only have much more money than I do, but complain about the amount they pay in taxes. I would just be adding to their tax burden.

Then there is my life insurance. To get a friend started in the business, I bought several policies many years ago. They are whole life, so they just sit there accumulating cash value.

How often do you evaluate your priorities, passions, and everything that is important to you?

Old First is very important to me. It is an incredibly supportive community beyond anything I have ever known, including my own (very nice) family. Old First is a spiritual and spirited place to worship my Lord and Savior, without racism, sexism, gender identity, sexual orientation or anything else getting in the way. The compassionate ministries of Old First touch countless lives within and beyond our walls.

In my search for meaning in my estate plan, I realized just how important Old First is to me in its many wondrous facets. I want Old First to succeed and prosper in order for it to be important to future generations. So Old First is now a major part of my estate plan.

How will you sum up your life time of stewardship?

Humbly Offered,
An Old Firster who has found peace of mind and a joyful heart…