Neighbors in Need

Neighbors in Need

As a people of faith, we are called to respond to injustice through study and action.  As a nation, we must acknowledge our history of colonialism and conquest of indigenous peoples.

One example of this is the Doctrine of Discovery, the 1845 US Supreme Court decision which claimed that the USA is called by providence to dominate the continent of North America.

​In 2013, the United Church of Christ General Synod joined with other members of the World Council of Churches to repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery that authorized the genocide and theft of native lands.

In our bulletin for the next few weeks, we will have inserts that describe the amazing ministries being carried out by our congregations, conferences and native American Indians community partners.  To learn more about the Doctrine of Discovery and how the UCC is working to overcome it’s legacy, go to

The Neighbors in Need Offering, one of four special offerings of the UCC, will be taken up beginning on Sun., Oct. 4. Please contribute generously so that such good works can contuinue to happen in and through our United Church of Christ, its congregations and ministry partners.