New Contact Info. for the Pastor

New Contact Info. for the Pastor

Some of you may have heard that my personal e-mail account got hacked. Maybe you even received spam from me. No, I haven’t taken up pedaling low-cost prescriptions on the side to make a bit more money (or, more likely, raise a bit more cash for the church)!

I did what I was instructed, but the troubles persist. Right now I cannot get access to my MSN e-mail account. I’ll figure it out (but maybe not until after Christmas at this point!).

In the meantime, I have set up a new e-mail address. I believe I’m seeing all of the mail that comes into the MSN account via my Blackberry, but on the small screen, it’s easier to miss something. If I have inadvertently missed a message or failed to respond, please let me know.

And if you want to communicate with me via e-mail, please use the new address:

I believe that will become my permanent personal e-mail address.

My work account,, has not been affected and is working. You may also write to me via that e-address.

Thanks for your patience.

– Michael