New Dollars/New Partners — an opportunity for congregations with historic properties!

New Dollars/New Partners — an opportunity for congregations with historic properties!

Old First has reached out to Partners for Sacred Places as we consider undertaking a capital campaign that could help tackle some building needs from our deferred maintenance. Partners for Sacred Places is the only national organization providing practical help on property care and stewardship to congregations with older religious properties. Nice for us, it is located here in Philadelphia. Michael worked with Partners in the New York Conference, where the Conference offered the New Dollars/New Partners training program as a service to its congregations.

Since much of the money raised by a potential capital campaign would most likely be used on capital building expenses, Partners could offer us much help. Their efforts could include:

1) helping us engage an architect for a conditions report and schedule of repairs for our property,
2) strategizing on ways the broader community might offer more support to our ministry, and
3) even consulting on the capital campaign.

Staff from Partners did a sight visit on Thursday, Aug. 23. They spoke with Larry (from Admin.), Janice (from the Property Ministry Team), Mindy and Michael.

They were impressed with our property. They recognized the work we hope to get done, but felt that overall for buildings as old as ours, they are in good shape.

They also felt that our space might lend itself to some space sharing with outside groups that could help us use the space more for mission purposes and raise some “cost-sharing” income to help us with upkeep.

While we will be talking with them further about a site report and possible consulting on our capital campaign, they offered us an immediate option for how they might help. Their training program called “New Dollars/New Partners” helps congregations responsible with historic properties realize the full potential in their inheritance. It combines the best of the resources, techniques, and knowledge developed by Partners since 1989, and is the only one of its kind to focus on community-serving congregations with older and historic properties. It consists of 4 one-day training modules spread over a series of months.

There is an orientation session about the upcoming “New Dollars/New Partners” training that will take place on Thursday, Sept. 6 at 6 p.m. We will be looking for leaders from the various leadership groups who may be interested in going. But as with everything at church, it’s an open invitation. Would you be interested in attending an orientation for a training program that would generate greater resources for Old First?

WHEN: September 6, 2012 at 6 p.m.
WHERE: Calvary United Methodist Church 801 S. 48th Street (corner of Baltimore Avenue) Philadelphia, PA

If you would be interested in attending the orientation (and possibly the trainings), please email Mindy at, or call the office 215-922-4566.

If you want to learn more on “New Dollars/New Partners” visit the training page of the Partners website.