New Iterations for our E-pistle

New Iterations for our E-pistle

Every since we launched the new website, we had hoped to also begin using a new platform for the weekly newsletter, our E-pistle. Sending the E-pistle out as a hyperlinked e-mail has worked well enough for these last years. But if we had a platform with more graphic and typesetting capacities, we could produce a more visually attractive and reader-friendly weekly message.

Bula, our member and web designer always chides us, “People are more likely to read, want to read your news when it is visually engaging.”

We now have that capability. We began using the mailchimp platform last week. Ok, on it’s first run, it looked mostly like it has. But over the next few weeks, even this week, you might notice that the E-pistle not only looks different. You might see how it is developing.

We know some of the new things we want to try. Adding thumbnail pictures for stories and opening teasers that hotlink to the stories instead of only the headlines. We are probably going to do some rearranging of how we present the various information and stories too.

Bear with us. And give us your feedback. We’re not sure how best to format / present all we’d like you to know to make your experience of church, faith and God richers. But  we believe we need the good news of this faith community to not only be accessible to you; it needs to be shared widely. That’s what we are trying to figure out (even if inevitably, there will some mistakes or failures along the way).

Please keep this effort in your prayers. Or volunteer to help us other with it, If you want to suggest something, or just get involved, you can speak to Woody, Suzanne or Michael.

P.S. As with anything new, there are kinks and wrinkles: with the new sending platform, some of your e-mail providers may not recognize the E-pistle from Old First. For example, for some gmail users, it may go into their Promotions folder (depending on how they have their account set up). In that case, once you move it from whatever folder it has ended up in and into your inbox, there after, you will get the E-pistle directly in your inbox. So, if you suddenly aren’t getting the E-pistle or if you hear of someone who isn’t, check in the e-mail folders such as promotions, spam, social, or  junkmail. If anyone is having any trouble they cannot solve, please contact the church office.