New Members Class Delayed One Week (until 01.11)

New Members Class Delayed One Week (until 01.11)

If you have been waiting to join Old First, you can join on the second Sunday of February, 02.08.

If you have been anxiously waiting for the New Members’ Class, you are going to have to wait one more week, with apologies from the pastor! We had hoped to hold the gathering after worship on 01.04, but Michael just didn’t get everything done he needed to. So he’ asking for a delay! (This is actually one of his New Year’s Resolutions — being more realistic about what he can get accomplished, and accepting that if he can’t get to something, there will be time in the future hopefully to get it done…)

We will have the class after worship on 01.11. It’s not really a class– with test questions and right and wrong answers. Instead, it’s a discussion: Old First’s humble attempt to provide people joining our community with the knowledge and understanding to be able to find their place among us and to take full advantage of all this community has to offer.

Have you been thinking about joining? You have another week to think about taking the class. And know that you can take it as an exploration, just to learn more about the church and your faith, even if you decide now’s not the time you will join.

If you have any questions, please feel free to speak with Michael. And we hope many will consider making their commitment to walk and work and be with us…