New Members' Class, Saturday, Feb. 11 at Noon

New Members' Class, Saturday, Feb. 11 at Noon

Old First means to be an open community — moving outward, finding folks where they are, offering in all humility our experience in the hopes that it might be a blessing to others on their journeys. Our openness is to extend to welcoming people when they visit us at church, making room for them in our midst, and our willingness to be changed by their presence and participation…

This translates to, among other things, having frequent new members’ classes on the road to receiving people into membership who are ready to make a commitment to walking and worship and working with this faith community… The class is not some sort of test to see if people are ready or worthy of membership! Instead, it’s our attempt to make sure that everyone has enough introduction to the community to be able to make their own place among us. It also intends to give our new members a leg up on meeting people and building relationships. Church can only be as strong as our relationships with one another and with God!

It’s that time again. Actually, there’s hardly time, if we want to welcome people before Lent begins on February 22. So, here’s a scheduled time for a new members’ class: Saturday, February 11 at noon. If that works, the people will be received into membership the next Sunday, February 18 (when we’ll be having our pre-Mardi Gras Pancake Breakfast, that can in part celebrate your arrival).

With this quick turn-around time, there’s three favors Michael would ask of people wanting to join Old First at this time:

1) Please let him know that you wish to attend the New Members’ Class on the way to joining the church.

2) We ask New Members to have a Sponsor, someone to introduce them to the congregation on the Sunday they join. It’s also an opportunity to make sure there is one more person the New Member knows pretty well.

3) Think about a few sentences that you could write to introduce yourself to the congregation in the E-pistle newslinks after you have joined.

If you have any questions or need more information, please speak with Michael.