New Members' Class: Sunday, 12.02 after worship

New Members' Class: Sunday, 12.02 after worship

Last week a couple approached Michael to ask how and when they could join the church. Old First has received impressive numbers of new members in the last few years, but Michael could not remember anyone asking to join so directly!

Looking at the schedule, our first opening for a new members’ class is Sunday, December 2 (the first Sunday of Advent), after worship. Lunch will be served. Checking with the schedules of the people wishing to join, we will then set a Sunday for their reception into membership during worship.

Please come if you are interested in membership. Or if you are interested in learning more about Old First (even if you are already a member, or not sure or don’t want to be a member!).

The new members’ class is not a class in the sense that there’s information to be covered and you will be tested! Rather, it’s the church’s attempt to make sure that anyone’s questions are answered and they’ve been given an introduction that they might find their way to putting down roots, building relationships and making their church home among us.

All are welcome. If you are planning on joining, you might begin thinking about who you’d like to be your sponsor — someone to introduce you to the congregation. If you can’t think of anyone, Michael is pretty good at making those sorts of connections for new people.

If you are interested or want more info., please speak with Michael.