New Members' Class on Sun., June 10 after worship (our first 10 am early worship of summer))

Worship goes to a 10 a.m. beginning on Sunday, June 10. (That should be easy enough to remember.) We worship an hour earlier all summer. We don’t return to the 11 start time until the Sunday after Labor Day. (The 8:30 communion service will not be offered during the summer.)

We’re going to take advantage of the early hour by scheduling a new members’ class after worship on June 10. We will start shortly after worship ends around 11.

Anyone who wants to join Old First, or who is even just interested in learning more about our faith community, is invited to join us. (Yes, someone who is a member already may also join us!) The class, which will include a light lunch, will be done by about 1:30.

The new members’ class is not a class in the sense of tests and grades and whether or not the students pass or fail! Rather it’s our church’s attempt to welcome, to be transparent, and to support our newcomers– providing them enough info. about this community — and some more relationships — so that they can make their church home among us. We have found that people need to find “their own place to fit in” the church community in order to really make Old First their church home.

We usually begin introductions around some sharing about our faith journeys– how have we gotten to Old First, and what do we hope for in our participation in this community? We ask member of the church to join us to talk about the United Church of Christ, Old First as a historical church and a faith community now, and the importance of outreach and stewardship. Michael always laughs that the class invited people to “ask anything you have ever wondered about Old First,” and that often means the church is left more vulnerable than the people considering joining!

We also ask people who are joining the church to choose sponsors (and for folks who may not know who to choose, we can make introductions). The sponsor is someone else we make sure you get to know well. S/he also introduces you to the congregation on the day your join the church.

Because we are providing lunch, it would be helpful to let us know you are coming. You could speak to Michael, let the church office know, or just write a note on the “friendship pads” we fill out in worship.