New Members, New Blessings

New Members, New Blessings

In two Sundays this month, Old First welcomed a large group of new members from our most recent new members’ class. We are blessed to have them among us, and pray that participating in the life of Old First will be a blessing to them, as well.

If you haven’t yet met them, be sure to reach out a hand of welcome to:

  • Andrew & Liz and their sons Andrew and Hayden
  • Robyn & Bill and their kids Richard, Adam and Madelyn
  • Yajeh
  • Megan, along with her husband Jonathan
  • Leah and Bula and their girls Malaika and Gaia
  • Jonathan, along with his wife Aparna
  • Guyla

Welcome to Old First! Thank you for the gifts you bring to us.

New Members, October 2011