Introducing Old First's New Sunday Sexton

Introducing Old First's New Sunday Sexton
If you’ve arrived at church late in the last few weeks. you might have noticed the young man sitting in the front hall. Or you saw the same guy as you made your way to coffee hour. You might already know him: Carl Kleinhans who was raised at Old First. Or you know his mom, Annemarie. The Elders asked if he would help us out, by providing some supervision for us on Sunday mornings while we are upstairs in worship. He agreed and undertook this task voluntarily.

But our 2011 budget had a line item to hire a Sunday Sexton. The Admin SLG realized that in our volunteer we had found a strong candidate for the job. Carl started in the staff position on Sunday, Feb. 13.

His duties include:

  • Providing supervision in the social hall, especially for the children, while choir is practicing (9:15 to 9: 45 am).
  • Covering for and helping Marisol, who handles the cleaning;
  • Clearing people out of all spaces but the Sanctuary during  worship;
  • Locking the Social Hall’s west, outside door once worship begins; (This means if you are running late, you must enter through the front doors.)
  • Providing welcome and security at the front doors while worship is going on upstairs;
  • Assisting the Hospitality Teams clearing the Social Hall.

Carl’s relatively stationary locations during Sunday mornings make him an easy “go-to staff person” when Michael, Julie, Mindy or Tim are not to be seen.

Please welcome Carl to this new role among us, and let’s do all we can to support his service and make his work as easy as possible!