News from the Outreach SLG for June

News from the Outreach SLG for June

The Outreach Standing Leadership Group had a rich meeting this month. It began with a rich reflection in which Steve W. asked us to share times when in our neediness we have had to rely on others help. Our sharing and reflection helped remind us that we are not so different from those whom we mean to serve.

In the rest of our meeting, the Outreach SLG worked on:

~ an initiative to invite Old Firsters to join our service camps on their volunteer visits to area social service organizations (there will be chances to sign up this Sunday and next via an insert in the worship bulletin).

~ the need of Alesha, our outreach coordinator, for some volunteer clerical help, an hour or so a week, mostly doing computer work, from home, to help market our service camps electronically (if you are interested, please let us know).

~ Michael’s effort (with materials John O. has produced) at the UCC’s National Youth Event marketing our urban service camps.

~ the Saturday Breakfast and Clothing Cupboard’s needs for ensuring regular groups for breakfast service and improved electronic sign-up procedures.

~ ways to invite more Old Firsters to serve as Saturday morning hosts at the Breakfast and Clothing Cupboard.

~ working over questionaire data collected, perhaps with outside help, to begin to imagine how we might develop our programing to meet more needs of the communities we serve.

~ Alesha and Michael reported on their findings in a meeting with Dan F., a member of our community who works for Help U.S.A., a national homeless services organization. Aleshe and Michael will meet with representatives of Trinity Memorial in July, another of the church shelters run in conjunction with Bethesda Project.

~ our POWER local organizing committee (LOC) is working on voter registration in an effort being headed up by Mimi C-J, Carrie K., and Kathy S. They will be making sure that everyone eligible in our congregation is registered to vote. As well, our effort will reach out to communities that often feel the pains of poverty, injustice and neglect most. We hope to work with the community we serve on Saturday mornings, enlisting their help to register their peers. As well, Old Firsters will be challenged to come up with their own ways to register friends, neighbors and others who are feeling the pains of our society.  Homeless Shelter

If you are interested in getting involved with the Outreach SLG, please speak with Steve W., or any of its other members (Alesha, Andrew H., Clark, Greta, Michael C., Mike W., Yajeh). Likewise, if you aren’t called to the oversight work for the various ministries, talk with them about getting involved in a hands-on serving level!