Next Improvements from the Capital Campaign Approved and Underway Already!

Next Improvements from the Capital Campaign Approved and Underway Already!

We are approximately half-way through the 3 years in which people are making their Capital Campaign gifts so that this congregation can “Extend our Welcome and Strengthen our Service.” Money has been coming in: both amounts people have pledged, as well as gifts that were unexpected. So far to date we have received $230,583.65. Thank you for your faith and generosity.

Until now, most of the results of our efforts have been invisible,  because we had promised first to repay the loans we had taken from the endowment to replace the Sanctuary’s air conditioning unit and to repay our “investors” in Refinancing in Faith. We have now also paid off the costs of the Capital Campaign consultant and KSK for their property assessment, the “Plan for Stewardship.”

Last fall, still not quite visible, we replaced the Sanctuary building’s boiler and hot water heater down in the basement where few of us ever venture. But already they have saved us greatly on fuel bills (see the accompanying write up).

Last Sunday, at a congregational meeting directly after worship, we approved unanimously the following projects (about half of which will be unmissably visible, and all of which will make a great difference around here).

The Construction Committee’s recommendations come in large part out of the strategic directive passed by the congregation at our Annual Meeting wherein we were to begin with the building envelope repairs, health and safety building concerns and specific upgrades to the functionality of our Sanctuary. We are also working hard to begin some projects that our contributors can see and appreciate. Here are the specific recommendations and projected costs of work we will now undertake this summer:

Work & Budgeted cost

  • Relamping of Sanctuary and narthex with LED lamps, 2,000 lumens/PAR 38: $4,000
  • Installation of Fiberglass insulation in ceiling of Sanctuary: $6,700
  • Changing fluorescent fixtures in first floor of Sanctuary building to LED: $5,520
  • Replacement of the roof behind the sanctuary building: $3,500
  • Replace elevator mechanics, omit widening of elevator opening:                       $47,000
  • Total: $66,720

The reason that the Committee is recommending that we go forward with work other than Phase I is that we have interns here this summer, one of whom is an electrician, who are providing us with their time. That will help us realize a significant cost savings without having to pay for labor. In addition, as we have observed from the replacement of the boiler and hot water heater, the recommended changes in lamps and light fixtures as well as the installing of insulation will help us realize increased energy conservation, thereby reducing our Carbon Footprint which is consistent with the other resolution passed by the congregation at its 2016 Annual Meeting. You should start seeing new light fixtures in the Social Hall next week.

The Committee is currently researching the following to bring proposals for the next set of projects and they anticipate that they will be bringing a proposal to you regarding some of this work in Fall 2016:

  • Upgrading the Sound System
  • Replacement and/or restoration of Sanctuary building Windows
  • Replacement of ingress/egress doors and fixtures (other than front doors) of Sanctuary Building
  • Repair and/or restoration gutters, cornice, roof, soffits, exterior painting, and masonry

If you have not made a gift or have been blessed financially or in some other way and would like to increase your pledge, it’s not too late:

~ If you would like to pledge, there are cards in the literature rack (right to the left of the door to the hallway) in the lower Narthex.  They may be returned in the collection plate or mailed or dropped off at the office. 

~ If you would like to make a one-time donation, contributions of any size are welcome and can be put in the collection plate or sent or dropped off at the office.  Please put Capital Campaign in the memo. 

Thank you to everyone who has contributed, and to those who will.

Beth W. for the Capital Campaign Construction Committee