Next Membership Exploration Class, after worship on 05.04

Next Membership Exploration Class, after worship on 05.04

We want people to feel encouraged to become a part of our faith community — however and to the degree that makes most sense and feels comfortable to them.

We find invitations to become more involved are the best way to accomplish that… Everyone needs to hear they are wanted and needed. And sometimes, in an established and close-knit community, it may not be clear how to get involved.

~ If you have been waiting to join, or
~ If you’ve only been with us a few times, or
~ If you don’t think you wish to join, but would like to understand more about the community, or
~ If you’re just not the type that takes on commitments and memberships…

…we’re glad that you’ve found us. And we do want to invite you to the upcoming Membership Exploration Class: on Sunday, 05.04, after worship.

There will be a light lunch served. And our class is mostly organized around your questions– what more you might want to know about our faith community, or about Christian life and faith or about God. (Ok, we’re humble about all this– we can’t always answer all the questions people come up with, but our inability doesn’t mean that those questions aren’t important.)

We believe that joining the church is important because it’s a sign of commitment you are making, a spiritual discipline which you make for yourself and for God. But the commitment to being involved and participating on whatever level you are most comfortable is important too.

You all are invited to the class, even if you are sure you do not want to join. And we’ll be happy you spent the time with us talking about our spiritual journeys and how the church sojourns with us, even if you don’t decide to become a member at this time.

How can you lose?

If you have any questions before attending, please feel free to contact me!) Otherwise, bring your questions with you on Sunday…

Hope to see many of you there,