Next New Members' Class, after worship, Sunday, Nov. 17

Next New Members' Class, after worship, Sunday, Nov. 17

It’s not a class as some sort of test or followed by an exam to see if someone can join our church. Instead, we hope it’s the answers prospective members need to know in order to help them put down their roots among us and call Old First their church home.

We are trying to host the new members’ classes regularly throughout the year. Why? Because people want to join our community. But even more so, or even before anyone decides to join, we want to show this community to be open and welcoming, ready to receive and be changed by new people, voices, experiences, needs, gifts and graces.

What’s involved? One session after worship. We talk about Old First. Answer your questions. Try to provide a bigger picture about our community’s history and leadership, mission and ministries. We also mean to answer any questions.

All because we know that helping people find their place around here — how they can participate and people with whom they can relate — is crucial for getting the most out of church and sticking around long term.

If you have wanted to know more about this faith community. Or if you are considering joining, please know that you are welcome at the class. You can decide afterwards if now is the time you wish to join this church.

We also ask our new members to have a sponsor. At the least, this person introduced you to the congregation on the day you join. Better, this person will be one more who you get to know well and look forward to seeing at church and staying in touch with. You may ask someone you know to be your sponsor before or after you take the New Members’ class. If you are uncertain or too shy to ask, Michael is usually pretty good about pairing folks up.

A light lunch will be served in the New Members’ Class, so it is helpful if you indicate you will be present. You may do so by speaking with Michael or Mindy, or you can write a note on the friendship pads that we pass at the beginning of worship.

Thank you for your interest and commitment to this church and the work we do together