Next New Members' Class on Sunday, Feb. 9 after worship

The next New Members’ Class will occur on Sunday, Feb. 9 after worship. It will include a light lunch.

The members in that class who choose to join the church will be received into membership on March 2 with communion.

We encourage the many visitors to our worship to consider joining the church. They are welcome to participate in almost all ways as a member whether or not they join. But membership is still important: it signifies a personal commitment to this congregation and its ministries that can make a difference in one’s spiritual life. Why? Because it’s a real, concrete commitment to God and to the others who call Old First their church home.

Please consider staying for the New Members’ Class, and learning more about Old First– why we are as we are, and what we hope to accomplish in God’s name.

If you have any questions, please speak to Pastor Michael. Also, it would help us to plan for lunch that day if you could indicate on the Friendship pads on one of the next two Sundays that you will be joining us for the class.