Next Youth Trip

Next Youth Trip

It’s beginning to feel like the summer of youth travel.

Michael is back this Sunday. But then off again next week. He and Billi are taking Anna and Madelyn (and two more high schoolers from St. James UCC in Limmerick) to the UCC’s National Youth Event– four days of programing, worship, fellowship and fun designed for and focused on teenagers and their lives, questions and faith. The last NYE in Knoxville included a concert, a presentations by young people who have accomplished something special, and national leaders like Eboo Patel of the Interfaith Youth Core.

Fresh off of their confirmation may Madelyn and Anna find additional resources for making their way and a place for themselves in faith.

The group takes out from Old First on Monday afternoon, headed for Mensch Mill, the Penn SE Conference’s camp, where they will rendezvous with other youth and adults to go together by bus to West Lafayette, Indiana and Purdue University where the event will be held. But first, there is an introductory dinner at Mensch Mill — it’s always best to share a meal together before an overnight bus trip! Each group has been asked to bring snacks to share on the bus.

We arrive at Purdue early Tuesday morning, and the National Youth Event begins. It pretty much goes non-stop through Friday evening when it closes with worship. We stay over in West Lafayette on Friday night, and get on the bus first thing Saturday morning, to arrive back in Philly late, late Saturday night.

On Sunday in worship, we will ask prayers for the 4 Old Firsters headed to the National Youth Event next week. That they might represent the faith we share and bring back new ideas, hope and good news to our community. Please keep them and this important event in your prayers…