News on the Nicaragua Mission Trip, tentatively scheduled for June 25

News on the Nicaragua Mission Trip, tentatively scheduled for June 25

The parents of interested youth met last Sunday. We’ve written CEPAD (the Council of Protestant Churches in Nicaragua who will be organizing our trip) with our questions, and got back a response that they are out of Managua with a group this week; they will answer and provide info. when they return.

This is a youth Mission Trip on which the youth are inviting Adults (but not their parents!) to come along. If you are interested, please let Michael know.

In the meantime, Marjorie checked with her mom who has done multiple visits with her church to Nicaragua via CEPAD-organized groups, most recently 3 years ago. Here’s her summary:

“…I remember each day when the group would be rounded up, directions would be given about what each group of 3 or 4 would be up to that day. It meant traveling long “roads” (more like paths) to various schools. Arrangements were made for us to have lunch-dinner-what ever, sometimes in a big group and other times in smaller groups. I don’t remember any typed out itineraries.

Our cell phones did not work there – it’s different kind of service. We could perhaps email home if the power was on at the CEPAD office (but that was rare). “Downtown” in “Nueva Guinea” (the town where they were staying) there was a cybercafe that had computers. They had a generator and one could buy a number of words and email home to USA. Plus one might be able to have them collect messages for you at some kind of cost per word or minute. That was 3 years ago and now they may have a better way of communicating back and forth to USA. We were warned to be careful what we said in writing or on phone because all was available to whomever. Soooo… to be in touch with one’s child on a daily basis or have them calling back each day is quite questionable. Time is “slow” down there. Some people took naps midday and stayed up very late, and others worked like we do.

Flexibility is the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in any different environment as you well know.”

Marjorie has added that in phone conversations with her mom, who is an adventurer, she’s heard various accounts of the primitive bathroom facilities, the need to wear clothes up off the floor due to scorpions, the flash flooding, bottled water for teeth brushing, quinine, and hepatitis vaccines… Marjorie laughed that we should probably be glad her mom wasn’t at our meeting with all these stories– she could of even scared me, and I’ve been to Nicaragua dozens of times!

Folks, the whole point of going some place different is to get out of our context and beyond our assumptions, so we can begin to see how people live in other parts of the world.

More info. will be made available as soon as we have it… In the meantime, check out CEPAD’s website.