No, We Really Do Have Air Conditioning This Week!

As many of you know, our air conditioning failed again last Sunday morning.  We’re blessed that it wasn’t sweltering and that the fans had not been moved out yet, but nonetheless, it was disappointing to have spent several days on repairs and nearly $7,000 on a system that promptly quit on us.

Our service team was out again on Monday morning and diagnosed the problem as a settings error.  The allowable temperature of the water used to cool the air was set too high.  When the water gets too hot, the compressors shut down as a fail safe.  The team lowered the temperature setting, and they system has been running on and off all week — because we keep testing it to be sure! — without any problems.  We’ve tested, and retested and are confident that it won’t shut down again.

So for our first official summer worship service at 10 am this Sunday, it should be reasonably cool in the Sanctuary.  God willing… Please join us!