Church Letters to Combat Hunger

Church Letters to Combat Hunger

Bread for the World’s “Offering of Letters” workshop will take place right down 4th Street after church on Sunday, April 10. Michael is going, but he needs someone else to help him with this project. Who else from Old First would like to go on Sunday and get our congregation multiplying our efforts to feed the hungry by working for changes that will decrease hunger?

Bread for the World’s motto is “Have Faith. End Hunger.”

The “Offering of Letters” is a concerted advocacy effort of a broad-based sample of North American faith communities. Our letters to Congress this year, urging changes to make:

    1) our nation’s foreign assistance programs more effective in relieving global poverty, and
    2) more efficient in using taxpayer dollars,

…can make a difference in whether or not people around the world have enough to eat. Letter’s from Southeast Pennsylvania are particularly important, as Sen. Robert Casey and Rep. Allyson Schwartz from the 13th district—both on key committees—will be especially important to this year’s campaign.

Come to the workshop and learn how U.S. citizen’s have more power than we recognize over whether people around the world go hungry. The workshop’s multimedia presentations and interactive exercises will help us to understand how reforming foreign aid policies and practices can improve the lives of millions of hungry people.

And know that Michael is hoping Old First, with all its emerging food justice ministries, might organize ourselves to write our representatives, to make our own “Offering of Letters” and to make a difference for hungry people all over the world. Sure, folks worry when church becomes too political, but as Christians, can we duck doing what we can so that the rest of God’s children have enough to eat?

The workshop will be held (how much easier could this be):

Date: Sunday, April 10, 2011
Time: 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Address: Barbellin Hall, Old St. Joseph’s Catholic Church (yes, a few blocks Sorth of us on 4th Street)
321 Willings Alley
Philadelphia, PA 19106

We need to RSVP; so let Michael know now if you want to attend with him!