Old First Elders 2014 Fall Shelter Dinner

Old First Elders 2014 Fall Shelter Dinner

It’s fall, which means it’s time for the Elder’s Fall Shelter Dinner. This week the Elders, along with Pastor Michael, Gerry Woodroffe and Adam Sherr, got together to cook dinner for the men at the shelter. It was also our monthly Elders’ meeting so after we ate and spent time with our guests, we went to the Christian Education building to hold our meeting.

This time the menu included baked chicken thighs, rice, salad and cake and ice cream for dessert. Full disclosure: I didn’t put enough salt on the chicken, but Jackie told me it was OK (smile)! And, one to try at home: when making rice, use half water, half chicken stock and when the rice comes to a boil, throw a handful of dried fruit in the pot before covering.

We had a lot of fun cooking together, and I hope the men enjoyed the meal as much as we enjoyed cooking it for them. There was a bit of excitement that night anyway, as it was the Eve of Veterans’ Day when so many of our guests get treated to free meals at restaurants around the city.

Following the shelter dinner, we held our normal Elders Meeting and covered a lot of ground. In particular we discussed developments with the Capital Campaign and the selection of an architect to conduct our facilities audit and help us re-envision the use of our space.

It was a pleasure for me to sit in on the selection committee’s final review chaired by Pastor Geneva. The team has done tremendous work in vetting the various firms, and the presentation by the final two groups of architects provided very clear choices, which was excellent. In the end, though, the committee selected a fantastic firm by unanimous vote and that firm will be joining us this Sunday to introduce themselves after worship.

With the Capital Campaign moving into the next phase, the Elders will be working with the campaign leadership to develop a budget and begin planning for cash disbursements. More info on that work will be coming very soon!

Another topic we discussed was discernment and identifying potential leaders for our various SLGs and ministries. An Elders committee lead by Beth Davis (no, the other one!) including Kathy Sykes and Greta Stewart will be working on that over the coming weeks. If you are interested in serving in a leadership role at church in the coming year, please speak with Beth, Kathy or Greta.

Lastly, we discussed the unfortunate and pressing issue of bed bugs in the Fox building. The Admin SLG is on top of it, and steps are being taken as you read this to fumigate the building and eradicate the critters.

So, on the whole, a busy evening. Thanks for letting me share these notes with you, and we look forward to our next Elders Shelter dinner in the spring!

Thank you!

Larry Waddell