Old First Is Also Signing Up to Do Shelter Meals

Old First Is Also Signing Up to Do Shelter Meals

The Young Adults and the Elders have both responded to a challenge that Old First groups and folks cook and share meals with the shelter.

As you know, our shelter houses up to 30 men for the six months of winter. We offer an evening meal about 4 times a week. It both provides another source of food for the guys, but almost more so, adds to the atmosphere of community that our shelter is known for. It is also a great volunteer opportunity for people wishing to serve. And a chance for folks who are homeless and folks who are not to get to know one another better, as individuals, over a meal, at the dinner table.

It’s great when alongside all the outside groups that prepare a meal for the shelter, folks from Old First also get involved.

The Elders will be preparing and sharing a shelter meal before their December 9 meeting. Their work in the kitchen and their eating with our shelter guests will take the place of their opening devotions. (Each one of their meetings begins with a time they refer to as “reconnecting with God and with one another. On Veterans Day, for instance, they shared stories of the people in their families and lives who served and died or survived our country’s various wars.) They expect to get to their meeting a bit later than usual, after having dinner with the men of the shelter. (The shelter guests do the clean up after the meal.)

The Young Adults have also decided that in addition to their fun get togethers, they want to participate in service opportunities. So for the duration of the shelter season (until May 1), they hope to organize a monthly group to do a shelter meal on the third Wednesday of the month. The first such meal will be next week, on Wednesday, November 20.

Even if you haven’t been involved with the Young Adults before… even if you aren’t technically between the ages of 20 and 35 (which is how our young adults loosely classify themselves), feel free to sign up to be involved. They have set up a link to sign-up form.

If you have any questions, please contact Jonathan Atwood who is serving as the facilitator for the young adults’ activities.

If any other groups or individuals at Old First want to get involved and prepare and share a dinner with our shelter, please speak with Kayla, our Outreach Coordinator, who schedules the meals and supports the volunteers preparing them.