Old First Pews Find a Home

Old First Pews Find a Home

When we removed the pews from the back of the Sanctuary many months ago the property team was undecided to what to do with the pews.  A Craigslist posting did not get any takers, a post on the Old First webpage came up with the same results.  What to do with the pews?

Let’s store them in the back of the upper balcony and think about it later….that was the answer.

Many months later one of our members, Susan D,  e-mailed asking if the pews where still available.  She was working with StudioMUSarx on an exhibition for the Country Music Museum who were interested in our pews.  The museum was in the development stages of building a chapel in the museum to offer visitors a place to sit while they where to view a video on ‘faith and gospel’ songs.  YES…the pews were still here!

Today, the pews were loaded on the truck and will find a new home in Country Music Museum in Bristol, TN/VA.

Pews from Old First’s will be added to this exhibit space.