Old First Special Offering Schedule

Old First Special Offering Schedule

For the month of June, we will collect for Strengthen the Church. The Strengthen the Church offering supports the expansion of ministry and growth of UCC local congregations. Your support of this offering will help the UCC fulfill on its commitment to creating a just world for all by investing in new ministries and practices that meet the emerging needs of local communities.

Do you ever wonder how the UCC prepares individuals for ministry and continuing authorization within the UCC?

 The Ministerial Excellence, Support, and Authorization (MESA) Ministry Team thinks about ministerial formation and continuing authorization every day. Committed to the vision that every ministry setting deserves gifted and accountable pastoral leadership, MESA shares the Church’s best practices for ministerial formation, authorization, and ongoing oversight through training, resources, and cooperation with Associations and Conferences. MESA’s most recent Manual on Ministry, published a year ago, provides practices and resources to support the UCC in their work to provide discernment, authorization, and oversight of ministers in the UCC.

As God calls our congregations to be the church in new ways, your generosity will plant new churches, awaken new ideas in existing churches and develop the spiritual life in our youth and young adults. 

Please give generously to the Strengthen the Church Offering throughout June. You will support MESA in the preparation and support of ministers. Donations can be made online through our Breeze platform or you can send a check to Old First with “Strengthen the Church” in the memo. 


Due to Coronavirus changing how we do things, we flew by the One Great Hour of Sharing special offering that we would have collected on March 22, 2020. We are rescheduling that offering for the month of August. We will collect every week in August for One Great Hour of Sharing. 



Neighbors in Need offering will be collected in October as it is every year. More information about this special offering will be available in the early fall.