Old First Video Tells Our Story in a New Way

Old First Video Tells Our Story in a New Way

“Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, we are each unique. Our faith teaches us that each person  is a reflection of God…Gathering all the pieces together we become more and more an image of a beautiful whole, something holy.”

Old First’s new video uses the words of actual Old Firsters to tell the community beyond our walls what makes Old First a truly special place of worship. It’s now available on our Web site, and our Facebook page. Email it to your friends and neighbors. Share it on your Facebook page or other social network. Let’s see how many people we can reach to share who we are and the difference we make in our city.

Producing this video has been a huge team effort, and there are a lot of people I need to thank.

The video would have been impossible without the donated time and expertise of three fantastic FOOFs (“Friends of Old First”): Jennie Thwing (a former Old Firster who teaches visual communications at Farmingdale State College in New York), Carleton Cole (a Houston-based video production professional and my big brother) and Katsu Suetake (a video professional and friend of Michael). We also benefited from the photography by Jenn Carvin and Web design by Bula Bhullar.

Finally, I must thank the Old Firsters who shared their stories on this video (and its earlier version for the capital campaign, some of which was cut from this public version): Meg Bigelow, Bruce Clark, Beth Davis, Colin Kenny, Delilah Marrow, Mariann Obando, Marta Rose, Sarah Sherr, Woody Ulmer, Sue Vertigan, and Larry Waddell. As the video teaches, they are each unique, beautiful individuals. And together Old First makes one beautiful whole.

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