Old First Votes to Undertake a Capital Campaign

Old First Votes to Undertake a Capital Campaign

2014 Capital Campaign: Investing in the Future (to be renamed by the Capital Campaign Committee)

Our financial goal — our dollar amount– will be set soon as the Capital Campaign Committee determines priorities and specifics. Below is a sketch of the kinds of goals being considered:

1. Catching up…

A. Repaying the endowment… for the $32.5K we borrowed from ourselves to repay the last of Refinancing in Faith and the $17.5 for the A/C for the sanctuary building.

B. On Deferred Maintenance — could include:
~ repair/replace the needed windows in the 3 buildings,
~ paint of exterior trim on all three buildings,
~ new soffit and gutter repair on east/west sides of sanctuary building…
~ roof and/or gutters on Fox or CE building,
~ A/C unit for the Fox and CE buildings.

2. Moving ahead…

A. Sanctuary Renovation:
~ repaint,
~ recarpet, (with possibly more exposed hard flooring surface for better sound),
~ professional sound system,
~ improved interior lighting,
~ redesign the chancel as more usable and flexible space;

B. Improvements to the facade appearance of the sanctuary:
~ glass entry doors;
~ spotlight the front of the sanctuary building;
~ better lighting in the front courtyard.
~ new signage

C. Upgraded technology
~ website enhancement
~ office hardware upgrades

3. Increasing the Impact of our Outreach Ministries…

Outreach is crucial at Old First, what makes us distinctive. We wish to begin thinking about growing these ministries with some investigation and a planning process. Our preliminary goals are to increase the effectiveness of our ministry to:

~ our shelter guests (30 men on the floor for 30 years demands we do something more), and

~ our service camps (perhaps our most transformative ministry).

Our assumption is that dedicated space for these programs would allow us to expand and enhance the ministries. A year-round homeless ministry and permanent facilities for service camps would allow us to develop both programs. It might also enable us to engage specialized staff as well.

Initially, we were targeting an off-site building. But preliminary conversations have indicated we should also consider the possibilities of developing the property we already own.

We are not sure which real estate option is best, and, realistically, the answers lie in a more specific vision for how we wish to develop our outreach work.

Either way, it is a complicated prospect of planning, seeking potential partners and identifying significant outside funding sources. Realistically, it could be affected by opportunities that come to us as well as how we foresee it going.

For the purposes of our current capital campaign, our goal is sufficient funding to engage a consultant to help us through this thorough planning process — investigating possibilities, seeking partners and understanding the opportunities and needs for growing our outreach work.

The work and the costs of implementing such a plan, if the planning phase sketched above is successful, would be undertaken after the completion of our current capital campaign.

The Capital Campaign Committee will come up with a timeline and projected cost for this portion of the campaign (as with all the other items to be firmed up in sections 1. and 2. above.)

If you have questions or suggestions about the Capital Campaign or any of the projects it hopes to fund, please speak with Mike Wass, the Capital Campaign Chair, or the Pastor.

And please keep this important effort of our church in your prayers.