Old First’s Archives – In The Cloud

Old First’s Archives – In The Cloud

Old First’s physical archives have moved around a lot since the 18th century.  They followed the congregation from 4th & Race to 10th & Wallace, then to 50th & Locust, and then back to 4th & Race.  In 1996, Old First gave 40+ linear feet of documents (including most of our oldest records) to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania where they are conserved, protected, and safely available to the general public.  The rest of Old First’s archives remain in the vault in the basement of the Christian Education building. 

NOW … the database of those records has gone from my laptop to “in the cloud” for anyone to see at  https://oldfirstucc.mlasolutions.org.

Try it out!  Soon there will be a button on the Old First webpage that will take you directly to the database, but for now, click on the link above and look around.  For example: 

-Leave the red box on Subject.

-Type Schaeffer in the white search box.  

-Hit enter or click on the magnifying glass.  55 results come up.  

-Click on Expanded Label.  You’ll see the entry includes notes and, more importantly, a 

summary.  (Not every item has a summary.  The majority do.)  By the way, I prefer to use Expanded Label. 

-Change the red button to Anywhere.

-Hit enter or click on the magnifying glass.  56 results come up.  Anywhere will almost always 

get you more hits than Subject.

-Change the red button to Author.

-Hit enter or click on the magnifying glass. 4 results come up.

-Change the red button to Title.  

Hit enter or click on the magnifying glass.  24 results come up.



Web Search gets you quickly to your browser.

News gets you out to Reuters.

Reset and the House icon get you back to the original search screen.

The two pictures in Gallery just magically appeared when Mandarin did the transfer.  Once we learn, Bob Schneider and I will post pictures of items in the archives, etc.  We look forward to learning how to use this format!

Important note: There are typos in the database—guaranteed!!!  Bob Schneider and I just don’t know where they are.  Please let us know where the typos are so we can fix them!  Thanks.

Noodle around and have fun!

Nancy, co-archivist