You Can Make Your “Treasure Stewardship” Pledge On-line or on Paper

You Can Make Your “Treasure Stewardship” Pledge On-line or on Paper

Dear Old First,

On Sunday, November 13, 2011, many of us made our “treasure stewardship” pledges for 2012 by committing to ourselves, the church, and God how much of our financial resources we will dedicate to Old First’s ministries and mission. The tally as of today is promising: 45 pledges for over $120,000. We are a generous congregation.

If you haven’t decided about your pledge yet, you might begin by re-reading my letter from a few weeks ago . Faith and stewardship feed one another, and by the grace of God both grow.

When you are ready to pledge, there are two options:

(1) On Paper: Bring or mail your pledge card to Old First. (Extra pledge cards will be available from the ushers or from the church office.) During worship, you can put your pledge card in the offering plate.

(2) On-Line: Click on this on-line link to submit you pledge electronically. The Financial Secretary, Gerry Woodruff, is the only person who will see your response or know your pledge. The electronic form even allows you to write what is NEW about your pledge for 2012!

Timing is important for making our pledges. The the Administrative Team and the Elders are drafting Old First’s 2012 budget and they simply need to know our total pledges. So please make an effort to consider your 2012 pledge.

In faith,
Karen Winey
Director of Stewardship