One of our Shelter Guests Gets a Permanent Home!

One of our Shelter Guests Gets a Permanent Home!

It’s great news when one of our shelter guests becomes approved for permanent housing.

Recently, Lindsay, one of this year’s shelter guests, has been approved for an apartment and has moved in! He is now living in Mantua, just south of the Zoo vicinity. He’s in a program for folks without any government income. It provides his rent for 6 months while he uses the stability provided by housing to find work, so he can take over paying his own rent.

Lindsay is a familiar face at Old First; aside from helping remove snow and working in the kitchen at night, he helps Mindy with various projects that need to be done on the property. In the past few weeks, he has fixed one of our ovens and helped prepare snacks for a Superbowl party in the shelter. Also, Lindsay volunteers at the Vet Center down the street, and spends a lot of his free time helping out there as well.

When someone moves into our shelter, they can bring as many belongings that will fit into one storage container. So when one of them gets an apartment, they have little to no possessions, much less housewares. If you have items you could donate and would like to help Lindsay furnish his new place, please call the office and coordinate a time drop off donations. He is especially in need of a television.

We congratulate Lindsay on his new apartment, wish him well nesting, and still hope to see him around Old First!

Tim K.
Outreach Coordinator