Opportunities to Serve the Shelter in Its Last Year

Opportunities to Serve the Shelter in Its Last Year

Opportunity to Serve the Shelter in its last year with us… 

The shelter dinners that are scheduled for the next few weeks are few and far between (it’s not unusual to have a January, post-holiday lull). 

The men in our Social Hall will still eat every night as the freezer is full of frozen casseroles. It’s just that frozen casseroles get old fast. And a fresh cooked meal is particularly welcomed by the guys. 

The Quakers down the street, concerned when they heard that it’s harder for us to find groups to prepare dinners during COVID, have made a generous gift to cover the expenses of buying groceries for any dinner people might wish to make for the shelter. That means if you or a group you organize choose a menu for the meal to prepare for the shelter, Old First has these donated funds to cover the cost of the food. 

So, we are asking if any of you want to organize a group to make dinner? 

You can use the church kitchen before the men arrive. Or you can make the food off-site / at home and drop it off. The dinner just needs to be ready by 6:30 pm when the shelter opens. 

You can then give us your receipts, and the church can reimburse you. Or if that’s a difficulty, we can probably figure out how to order your shopping list for delivery to the church before you prepare the meal. 

In years past, when dinners have been scarce, we have asked each fellowship, service, or governing group to consider preparing a meal. The Outreach SLG would do the first meal of the season. The Elders used to do a meal at least once or even twice a year.. I think Choir has done it. And the Young Adults. And the Gay Men. And the Youth. And even individual families around church.

Do you want to help us out? It is the shelter’s last year with us, and it does truly make a difference for the men. If you’d like to make a shelter dinner, please contact the church office to coordinate:   admin@oldfirstucc.org  or 215-922-4566