Our Approach For Moving Forward on Capital Campaign Work (Cong. Meeting after worship on Sun., 1.10)

Our Approach For Moving Forward on Capital Campaign Work (Cong. Meeting after worship on Sun., 1.10)

The Elders are calling a congregational meeting for Sunday, 1.10 after worship for the purpose giving the Committee headed up by Pastor Emerita Geneva to present its recommendation of an approach for moving forward with the property work to be funding by our Capital Campaign. Their presentation will also introduce the Property Assessment Report prepared by KSK Restoration Architects. That Property Assessment Report and an explanatory cover letter from the Committee will thereafter be made available to all church members (and other regular participants who ask for it) via the “Members Only” area on our website.

Here’s the broad outlines of the expected process for moving forward:

1) At the Congregational Meeting after worship on 1/10, the Committee will present its suggested approach by way of providing a framework for understanding the KSK Property Assessment Report and its implications.

2) At an informal, informational session after worship on Sunday 1/24, the Committee will be available to answer questions, provide clarifications and hear suggestions.

3) God willing, on Sunday, 1/31 at the Annual Congregational Meeting, among other actions to be considered, the congregation will be asked to approve the Committee’s approach as our general agreement for moving forward on the work funded by the Capital Campaign.

4) Once the congregation’s approval is in place, the Committee will need to get back to work, ordering and deciding on details of the various projects foreseen in their approach. As those specific projects are fleshed out, and before work begins, the congregation will need to meet again to approve the work and the expenditures.

If you have any questions, you may speak with the Elders (Larry, Jonathan A., Greta, Yiwola, Kathy, Beth) or Geneva and the members of her Committee: Julie, Nancy, Keith, Griffin, Mark F.