Love first: a public art project

old first love first art project“Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.”
“I am wearing a safety pin for you and me both.”
“Help (not hurt) people.”
“Your focus determines your reality”
“Sometimes tortellini are huggy!”

These are a few of the contributions that are beginning to appear in response to the bold and timely exhortation “Love first.”

Each year at Christmastime, Old First Church at 4th & Race Streets in Old City builds a stable in its courtyard and fills it with barnyard animals for Mary, Joseph and Jesus. This year, Old First is keeping the stable up after Christmas and dedicating it to a public art project.
old first love first closeEveryone is welcome to participate with us, as we fill the stable with messages inspired by a common commitment: “Love first.” Visit the stable at 4th & Race to see what others have offered and to share what you can offer. Or participate in the online version by clicking here. Or send us your suggestions to, and we will add them to the voices represented in this public art project. Help us fill the stable (and the world) with Good.

Old First Reformed United Church of Christ ( is located at 151 North 4th Street (at Race Street), Philadelphia, PA 19106. For more information, please contact Rev. Michael Caine, pastor, at 215.922.4566 or