Our Children Instill Their Faith in Us

At Old First, we have an Affirmation of Faith after the sermon almost every week in worship. We’re clear that not everyone believes exactly the same here. In the UCC, we often borrow from Augustine the celebration of a diverse community: “In essentials unity. In nonessentials, diversity. In all things, charity.”

Our Affirmation doesn’t mean to be any test or standard of orthodoxy, what ‘right faith’ is. Rather each week, it’s some sketch or description, sort of an umbrella over our differences, our humble attempt to point towards the greatness of God. And hopefully at the least, mostly pointing also towards the faith that we share. And that holds us together, one to another and inside and out.

On June 5, when we were celebrating the ministry of our Sunday School, giving thanks for our faithful teachers and patting our creative kids on their back for their accomplishments, Michael asked each child to share something she or he believed about God.

Their faith raised up for us the following affirmation:

God is real.
God is powerful.
God made the world.
There is only one God.
God is good.
We know God through Jesus.

Well done, faithful children (and their Sunday School teachers and parents too!)… You and your presence and your faithfulness uplift us…