Our Conversation on the Long-Term Future of the Shelter

Our Conversation on the Long-Term Future of the Shelter

When we can have a ministry with the 34 people living in the new building, should we stop hosting the shelter?

That’s been a topic of conversation since the Congregational Meeting at which we began talking about the question. A thorough answering of all the questions collected from that first meeting was published in March. (If you did not see that document, “Answers to the Questions You Asked,” you can either review and print from the link, or notify the church office to get a copy.) The Elders want us to continue our discussion and set a close-date for this conversation.

There will be resource people available to answer questions about the proposal on two Sundays in May. Avoiding Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, that means leaders from the JVMT, Outreach and Elders will be available after worship on May 5 and May 19. They will be able to answer any questions and discuss with you the issues around our decision before us.

On June 2, after worship, there will be a properly called Congregational Meeting to take a vote. The vote will be taken by secret ballot. The meeting will include a brief introduction to the question before us and a time for questions. Then the vote will be taken. Still, it is thought that the meeting will be fairly brief.

The Elders hope that everyone will be involved in this important decision about how we best live out the mission of this church.