Our Home-made Affirmation of Faith

Our Home-made Affirmation of Faith

At the end of his sermon “Doing Theology for Ourselves” on Trinity Sunday, 05.22, Michael, having reminded everyone that as Christians we are all supposed to be doing theology all the time (not just relying on the theological constructs we have inherited from earlier days), invited the people of the congregation to share recent experiences wherein they had recognized the power or peace of God.

Mimi, Jane, Joanna, Adam, Darla, Holly, Julius, Robin, Woody and Tony M. all shared experiences.

From those experiences, with some editorial liberty, Michael came up on the fly with an affirmation of faith from our witness, that he lined out for the congregation and these repeated in response:

In Love, we share that we have found ourselves far from home and we welcome those who find themselves dislocated.
In Love, we trust that God can bring people together, even after years of misunderstanding, distance or neglect.
In Love, we know that God can use “regular people” to accomplish incredible things in ministry.
In Love, we celebrate and give thanks for what we can do, even as we suspect it’s the power of God working through us.
In Love, we joyously and generously share what we have, even when it turns out to be a “winning ticket” we have given away!
In Love, we offer thanks for the poetry that unexpected poets can create and the communities where “no judgements” is the rule.
In Love, we find our voices and our faith, as gifts from beyond ourselves.
In Love, we have food, physical and spiritual, to offer others, and experience ourselves fed in so doing.
In Love, we set our eyes on the prize and seek heavenly things above.
In Love, we see, celebrate and perform random acts of care and compassion, for everyone is a child of God.

Imagine, if all of us, all the time, had on the tip of our tongues a witness we were really desiring to share…