Our Leaders Hopes for 2015 (specifically in their leadership positions at church!)

Our Leaders Hopes for 2015 (specifically in their leadership positions at church!)

We installed our 2015 leaders last Sunday, February 8. We also thanked Adam, Gerry, Jackie and Yajeh (pictured) who retired for roles they have served (and reminded them that they are now free for other service in our church!). Here are some of their hopes for their work and their leadership among us this year coming:

Jonathan A.: …Supporting the administrative success of the capital campaign to ensure the longevity of Old First.

Yiwola A.: I want to see Old First become an increasingly flourishing, diverse community, serving more people. So as an elder, I hope to do what I can to make that vision become our reality.

Beth D.: Isn’t there some wording we need to get done? (Another Elder reminded us that we didn’t finish all the By-laws’ updates last year.) Yes, I want to get the Consitution and By-laws caught up; and finish with getting the policies Old First needs together and shared.

Greta S.: I want to be an Elder in such a way that others might see what it is all about and find interest in getting involved in serving in the future.

Kathy S.: I hope that in my service as an Elder, I will deepen my faith.

Larry W.: 1) Work in partnership with the Outreach SLG to develop a metrics-driven approach to boosting revenue; 2) Work in partnership with the Capital Campaign to begin improving OF’s physical plant. (That first bullet is a must as it speaks to the “aspirational” component of our 2015 Budget, but in no means is it meant to usurp Steve’s agenda for Outreach!)

Treasurer: Annemarie K.: I want to learn what I need to know in order to be the Treasurer, as well as help to move our whole financial operation ahead. Not that there is any problem with how we do things now, but there’s always room for improvement.

Assistant Financial Secretary: Kris F.: As assistant financial secretary, I will support Laura in her financial record-keeping. We plan to automate this process as much as possible with the use of Excel spreadsheets and REALM.

Standing Leadership Groups:
Administration: Jonathan V.: In 2015, the Admin SLG intends to work on ensuring smooth transitions in the financial management of the church and support the Capital Campaign as we move forward and look to the “works” phase of the campaign.

Outreach: Steve W.: 1) Continued growth in the number of Old First members with direct involvement with one or more of the outreach ministries. 2) Completion of a discernment process for determining those outreach programs that will be the focus of a consultant’s study, funded by the capital campaign, of how to strengthen those programs. 3) Distributing a Request For Proposals to potential consultants for a study of how to strengthen those outreach programs on which we have decided to focus.

Worship: Griffin D.: To foster a more active and engaging worship experience that becomes even more uniquely Old First, without crowding out the recognizable traditional forms of worship that ground us well in the wisdom of our forebears.

Community Engagement:
Suzanne C.: I plan to continue to work with the congregation to find new ways to get our message out into the community, through creative use of new and traditional communications. Two specific projects will be a new campaign of signs on the fence along 4th and Race Streets, posting the Old First video onto our Web site (and social media), and producing a new Old First brochure.

Archivist: Nancy D.:
Normal: Continue cataloging material
New but normal: Catalog and store lantern slides
Normal: Repackage cataloged items in size appropriate archival boxes to maximize space
Normal: Retrieve documents and photos from archives as needed by KSK
New but normal: Weed stored office files and financial files per retention guidelines. This has not been done for quite some time.
New task: Remove older books from the Fox building and change records accordingly
Normal: Preserve documents, etc. emanating from the projects funded by the capital campaign
New: Attempt to make the archives relevant to the congregation (How does one make the congregation care about the archives and what they say about who we were and are as a congregation?) This is tough, but would like to seriously consider it.

Pastoral Relations:
Jane S.-A.: My hope is that I can be of service to the community at large to bring concerns, aspirations, and even commendations to the Pastoral Relations committee to assist the community to work and play as smoothly as possible!

Susan D.: To make sure Michael keeps his sanity!

Philadelphia Association: Beth W.: I hope to continue the work of strengthening the network of care we have with other UCC congregations in the Philadelphia Association, through sharing in the raising concerns for the people of our city and in caring for those in need. One main way is in working together addressing the discriminatory mass incarceration system that has overtaken our criminal justice system, destroying lives, families and communities. That involves literacy programs, advocacy for restorative justice, re-entry programs, alternative dispute resolution and community accountability at all levels of the criminal justice system.

POWER: Hannah C.: To listen and organize with Old First members to build our “power” through our advocacy and action work with POWER. More tangibly, hope to re-build monthly POWER local organizing committee meetings so we can make decisions effectively as a group/congregation!