Our Music Ministry in Transition

Our Music Ministry in Transition

Louis M. finished his service with us as our Music Director on Oct. 15. We give thanks for the help he offered us, particularly as we moved from a two-person staffing model to a single person responsible for conducting the choir and playing the piano and organ. And we pray that his search for the next place for his ministry is quick and fruitful.

In an interim while we are figuring what will serve our church’s music ministry needs best, Julie has agreed to provide choral leadership. She and Michael are seeking an accompanist to work with her.

In all these transitions, we have leaned more than usual on our own musicians. First, thanks for the patience of our choir members, which has been added on to the generosity with which they dedicate their time and share their talents with us.

But we have a whole bunch of occasional musicians from our congregation to thank as well. Really, for some weeks, we’ve been plugging folks in to provide the sounds we need to lift our eyes, ears and hearts heavenward in worship. Musicians have included Kris F., Ellie S., Blossom G., Anna S., Griffin D., Ian Mc.

And we are reaching for more. Old First means to recognize and lift up the gifts of its members: one way we do so is making room for our community to be enriched by the gifts of its various members. If you have something to share — particularly right now musical talents — please let Michael or Julie know.

Also, if you have thought about joining the choir, well, transitions often offer new beginnings. Why not join us>? Talk with Julie or one of the choir members.

As the Worship Standing Leadership Group and other leadership figure out how we will proceed determining how best to meet our needs for musical leadership, the congregation will be informed.