Our Sunday School and Youth Ministries Off to a Great Start!

Our Sunday School and Youth Ministries Off to a Great Start!

The Christian Education season has begun, and we are off to a flying start! Adapting Julius’ weekly updates to parents, we will keep the whole church informed about this vital ministry. Please pray for our kids, their Sunday School teachers and the importance of the church in their lives.

To bring everyone up to speed, there are now three separate classes that we are offering: Beginner (with Maranda and Porsche), Intermediate (with Colin) and Post-confirmation (with Jonathan and Rich).

In addition to that, we are also reigniting the Youth program (led by Pastor Michael, Adam and Maranda). They had their first gathering last week and were joined by 13 kids and had a “great time” (according to Michael). They had relay races and a bible scavenger hunt! They also enjoyed pizza and ice cream! Their next get together is planned for October 9th and I’ve heard it may involve flashlights and a corn maze – cool!

Don’t forget: if you know of someone who might be interested in joining our school (whether as a teacher or as a student), please see Maranda or myself (Julius) for more information – we are always looking for new faces!

As we started the year, we began by reviewing some of the things we learned last year and then talked about the importance of prayer. What are some of the things we might pray to God for? Feel free to ask our Sunday School students when you see them at church what they are praying for.

Yours in Christ,
Christian Education Leader