Our Work on Redevelopment (as of 05.25)

Our Work on Redevelopment (as of 05.25)

When we get everything “up and running,” the Joint Venture Ministry Team (see third item below) will be tasked with keeping us all informed about the progress on our redevelopment project.

But since our vote on April 22, there has been progress made:

~ The Elders have engaged an attorney, George Nagle, to serve as the church’s counsel on this project. Nagle has been involved in these kinds of low income tax credit housing projects since the 80’s.

~ The Elders has compiled a document responding to Community Venture’s first draft of a Joint Venture Agreement.  It included questions, concerns, suggestions and edits. They are waiting for Community Venture’s  reply.

The plan is that the Elders will get as close as they can to a final draft with Community Ventures, and then submit it to our attorney for his input.

Once a final draft has been agreed upon, the Elders will call a Congregational Meeting and share the Joint Venture with the congregation for its approval.

~ The Elders have created a Joint Venture Ministry Team to represent Old First in the ongoing phase of initial work with Community Ventures. They have appointed Spencer Anderson, Bob Robinson, Kathy Sykes, Beth Walker, Jackie Williams. The Elders are working on a charge for this ministry team.

~ The Elders have created a Parking / Accessibility Ministry Team to investigate possible solutions to our longstanding parking problems as well as the need to find accessibility for people coming to church who need some place near enough for people with mobility challenges. They have appointed Nancy Donohue, Kris Forrest and Adam Sherr to serve on this ministry team, and the Elders are creating a charge for their work.

~ Michael met with his colleague at the Episcopal Cathedral of Philadelphia to learn about its now completed development project, most specifically about how they gained permission to demolish buildings for new construction, which will serve as a precedent for our request.

Please speak with one of the Elders if you have any questions or concerns about the redevelopment project. And keep this effort in your prayers; it’s a very big undertaking for our church and its mission!