Out With The Old & In With The NEW & IMPROVED

I am giving the choir a break between Epiphany to try something new. Your feedback from the Summer Music Ministry was encouraging and I have learned that y’all like variety. Therefore I have decided to take the idea of summer music, where different soloists and ensembles perform during the anthem portion of the service, during this transitional church season.

It’s been exciting to learn of all the talent at Old First. Much more is hidden; which is one reason I am writing this article so that some of these talents might be lured out of the closet. Let me remind anyone with one of these hidden talents that hiding it is much like keeping your wrapped gift for someone ungiven. I am here to help you gain the confidence you will need to get up and share those talents with the rest of the congregation for this period and for this coming summer. I will make myself available on Thursday evenings to rehearse with each of you as needed, and if that does not work with your schedule, we will find a mutually agreed upon time during the week. Let’s not hide our gifts under the bushel any longer.

Also as part of the expansion of the music ministry here at Old First, I feel this experiment will prove to be both beneficial and helpful to the growth of our exciting ministry. The past year as Music Director has taught me that variety of styles of music is absolutely necessary to appeal to our membership.

As we look forward to the renewing and enhancing of our choral music ministry, so must we look at our personal commitments to its success. Together as one chorus we will explore ways to commit to our ministry. Its important that we find ways to do this without exhausting our personal resources. God knows we are all torn in so many directions, but this, our chorus, is a spiritual sanctuary where God speaks through our music. While it’s important that we understand, make room, and dispensations for schedule at times, it is also important for the success of our ministry that we attend regularly scheduled Thursday Night Rehearsals.

How can we better do that? Going forward let’s explore better ways of maximizing our Thursday night rehearsal time. We might schedule Sectional Rehearsals so that not everyone has to be at every Thursday night rehearsal all the time. Who knows what possibilities we have up our sleeves? Let’s explore the possibilities together.

What an exciting time for all of us as we set new roads to worship through our music ministry. Together, I know we can’t wait to see where our talents and dedication takes us in this coming year. And, even if you aren’t sure how, be sure and let me know you’d like to share your musical talents in worship…