Outreach and Cupboard Updates

Outreach and Cupboard Updates

Hi Old Firsters,

I have officially completed my first week of training! I just wanted to take the time to thank the Old First staff, and more so Billi, for allowing me to complete my training online. Billi was extremely informative, present, and patient with me (especially with the many questions I asked). Because of her, I feel extremely confident about the ins-and outs, the do’s and dont’s, and the how to’s regarding this position, which has allowed me to be more independent as I start my second week. And so for that, I thank Billi immensely.

And I just want to reiterate how I am super pumped to be your new outreach coordinator! Even though we are living in a difficult time right now, the work of serving those in need still exists and is probably more prevalent now more than ever. The work doesn’t change, but rather just the delivery of the services. And that is what social service work is all about– adapting to change, providing services, and empowering those we do serve. And as we continue to adjust to the state we are in, the community of Old First, our community partners, and volunteers are so pertinent to the work that we do. Because of their continued generosity and support these past couple of months, Old First was able to continue providing services and support to the Philadelphia Community. Your generosity does not go un-noticed and we sincerely thank you.

As far as operations go, the cupboard will continue to operate as it has the past month, but with a new twist. Clark and a few others who have worked the cupboard recently proposed to offer a more personalized shopping experience instead of having pre-packaged clothing to go. The proposal was accepted and here how is it is going to look for this Saturday 8/01/20 and those moving forward during Covid-19: When an individual requests clothing or toiletries they will be allowed into the social hall one at a time, where there will be a volunteer to locate, package, and distribute the requested item (s). This bag will be set out for the guest to pick up and leave immediately. I just want to give a huge shout out to John and Dawn Keating, who spent a tremendous amount of time folding and sorting five tables of clothing for this Saturday! 

Finally, I will be at the cupboard on Saturday 8/01/20 and I cannot wait to finally be there in person and meet some folks!

See you there!

Jess, Outreach Coordinator