Outreach Corner: Reflection on Being a Liturgist

Outreach Corner: Reflection on Being a Liturgist

I often ask service campers to take part in reflections. A dedicated time, or series of times, in which campers freely share their experiences volunteering at service sites as well as reflect on their time at Old First.
Today, I’m writing to you, sharing my reflections on my time as liturgist and the impact the service had on me spiritually.

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of serving as your liturgist. A title, that to be honest, I wasn’t too familiar with. As some of you may know, I attend Tenth Presbyterian. Conservative in doxology and style, Tenth is nearly the complete opposite of Old First… (Nearly being the operative word). Having experienced worship Old First (compared to that of Tenth), I realized that despite such seemingly stark differences, the overarching message of God’s love for his children transcends creed, doxology and style.

Thank you Old First for having me serve as liturgist. I’m so thankful for the experience as it has exceeded my expectations. Thank you also for trusting me enough to hear your prayers and pray with you.

Differences and all, Old First is truly a place filled with God’s love. A place that I felt entirely welcomed in and can’t wait to return!

See you in church,

Alesha, Outreach Coordinator