Outreach Corner

Dear Old First,

Now that Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is nearing, I want to make sure that we haven’t forgotten the ongoing need of volunteer support in our Outreach efforts.

To date, we’re in need of volunteers to help with….

Saturday Morning Breakfast

If only once a month or every six weeks, we need your help with sorting clothes, prayer requests, and hosting breakfast teams. For more information please see the link below or email me @ athomas@oldfirstucc.org.  https://oldfirstucc.org/wellspring/cupboard/

Winter Shelter

In addition to Saturday morning volunteers, we’re in need of Shelter Dinner hosts. Those interested in having dinner with our shelter guests, meeting new people and chowing down on a delicious homemade meal please email me at athomas@oldfirstucc.org

If you’re unable to host a dinner, but would like to contribute – homemade (or store brought) casseroles that feed 30 are ALWAYS NEEDED.  Stouffers and DiGiorno are always having sales (4-5 LARGE Stouffers casseroles feed 30 men and 4-5 LARGE Digiorno pizzas feed 30 men). For more information on our Winter Shelter please see the link below.


Thanks Old First!  And if you have any suggestions on how we can better serve those less fortunate in our Outreach efforts I’m always open to new ideas.


~Alesha, Outreach Coordinator